Diet and Climate or Why the Weather Outside Should Affect Food Choices

The modern world offers a lot of options that were never available to humans of the past. However, as with most modern advances in the name of convenience, there are often unacknowledged reasons why the humans of the past did things differently that had nothing to do with their lack of access to modern technology and transportation. Continue reading

Thoughts on Evolution and Food – Why a Diet Based on Cultural Heritage Can Be Beneficial

A lot of the questions that are posed to alternative practitioners have to do with food and diet, partially because of the growing obesity epidemic, but also because there are more books and theories being added to the mix of dietary advice on an almost daily basis. Continue reading

What the Heck is a “Stress Belly”?

A “stress belly” is a nickname for that stubborn abdominal distention that causes the appearance of a gut, but which is still relatively firm and doesn’t react to intense exercise. It is formed primarily through a combination of high cortisol levels, a diet high in fructose sugar, and internal fermentation. Continue reading