Cupping – A Video Demonstration

>Last year I did a demonstration on cupping for the internet talk show “Have You Heard with Byron and Karol”. For anyone who is interested in this form of treatment, give it a watch. It’s a pretty good overview of what cupping is and how it works. Continue reading

Caffeine – A User’s Guide

It would be fair to say that caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant in today’s world and is consumed in a variety of forms. Historically, most cultures developed a form of caffeine that was linked to the plants found in the geographic area where that culture was located. Continue reading

The Caveman Medicine Guide to Single Herbs

Back when I was still a Caveman Medicine practitioner-in-training, I decided to compile all of the single herbs they taught in herb class into an easily searchable, alphabetical format. Now, with the proliferation of tablet devices and phones that can read and store PDF files, I revisited this project and have decided to make it available to all of you. Continue reading

Circulation 101

A lot of news stories have been coming out lately speaking to the health complications that can arise from having a lifestyle that doesn’t involve a lot of movement.  Working in an office environment, commuting, working at a computer, playing video games, watching TV – many of the modern activities that people engage in, especially in America, just don’t involve as much movement as the generations proceeding this one. Continue reading

Why Traditional American Dishes Are No Longer Appropriate for Most Americans

With the recent revelation that celebrity chef Paula Deen has entered into a contract with diabetes drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk, it seems like a good time to examine why it is exactly that traditional dishes such as those popular in the Southern and Midwestern states are so bad for people living in today’s America. Continue reading

Eat Some Red Meat

Preface: The following advice is not intended for those who adhere to a vegetarian diet for moral, religious, or dietary reasons. People who have made a formal decision to remove meat and animal products from their diet have often made the proper substitutions to ensure that they are getting all of the nutrients they need. This article is predominately aimed at individuals who consider themselves omnivores, but for whatever reason have chosen to remove red meats from their diet. Continue reading