Who I am and what I do

My name is Andrew J. Hill and I am a licensed acupuncturist (LAc# AC01243) and massage therapist (LMT# 15529) here in Portland, OR. I have had my licenses for around two years and have been in private practice for almost a year.

My specialty is in treating musculoskeletal disorders that can cause chronic pain, movement restrictions, and muscle imbalances. The primary modalities I use to do this are a combination of acupuncture and massage, but I also use flame cupping, targeted contraction-relaxation stretches, and nutritional advice.

Due to my focus on the muscular system, I have a strong interest in athletics and exercise and I am just as likely to suggest simple exercises as I am dietary changes. I also enjoy working with athletes, and as an official acupuncturist of PSU athletics, it is a wonderful experience helping these student athletes return to what they love. These same techniques also apply to the general public, because when someone is dealing with chronic back issues, trying to garden can be just as much of a problem as trying to play basketball, and the underlying issues are often the same.

My practice is located in East Portland in the Gateway region, inside of Laurelhurst Physical Therapy, and I see patients on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For those interested in contacting me either for medical advice or to set up an appointment, I can be reached at the email address for this page.